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MWSU collects $2.4 mil in program fees

One of the biggest issues facing college students is the high cost of their higher education. The cost of tuition is thousands of dollars, forcing many students to take out loans. Additionally, for some the cost of on-campus housing raises the price tag of a college degree even higher. But there is also an additional cost to college outside of... Read More

Missouri Senate Passes 4.8 Percent University Budget Cut

Missouri State Senators voted Wednesday, April 20 to pass their budget proposal including a higher education budget cut of only 4.8 percent. This is 3.2 percent lower than what Gov. Jay Nixon had proposed earlier this year. Western’s administration is hoping that the budget cuts do not exceed Nixon’s proposed 7 percent. If the House of Representatives agrees with the... Read More

Missouri Western loses one Acadmic Program

The Bachelor of Art in Art degree is being cut from Missouri Western State University’s degree program and will no longer be offered starting this fall. Gov. Nixon requested a program review of all public institutions of higher educations two and four-year degree programs. The Missouri Department of Higher Education (MDHE) was responsible for conducting the review. The review took... Read More