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Accessible parking less accessible as construction temporarily moves spots

Accessible parking spots in front of Popplewell Hall will be cramped for a while until construction is finished. Construction is currently underway on the parking lot in front of Popplewell Hall to level the parking lot, widen the sidewalk from three feet to four feet, fix cracks and curb cracks, and adding a sidewalk towards the south section of the... Read More

Transportation planner speaks to Western about utilizing bus transits

On March 25th, St. Joseph transportation planner Ty Nagle and general manager of the Saint Joseph Transit Mary Gaston discussed public access for students on campus in Eder. The meeting was held to speak about what was researched from the data derived from the 2012 transportation study. The study showed that most of the students at Western do not take... Read More

Student doesn’t let disability get in his way

Todd Orlowski was born with retrolental fibroplasias, a condition that permits him to only have about 50 percent of 20/20 vision.  Orlowski is a non-traditional junior at Missouri Western and is majoring in computer science and music education. Although Orlowski is visually impaired, it would be hard to tell if you see him around campus.  Despite his condition, his classes... Read More