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Griffons bounce back with big win

The Missouri Western football team got their mojo back with a big win against Central Oklahoma with a 26-16 victory on Saturday afternoon at Craig Field. They accomplished it by going back to what the program was built on, a dominating rushing attack and a suffocating defense. “We got a good football team,” Griffon Coach Jerry Partridge said. “We still... Read More

COLUMN: Five takeaways from UCM loss

*Due to website server issues, we were unable to get a game story up after the UCM loss. I am sure you have have read plenty on how the game went and that the Griffons opened the season in a 0-1 hole following a 18-17 loss to the Mules. This column represents my takeaways from the game and what Thursday... Read More

Griffons ready for battle versus inexperienced Mules

For the most part, the Griffons know what they are heading into for the 2015 football season. A team they may not be so sure about is the Central Missouri University Mules. “Central Missouri is a very good football team,” Griffon head football coach Jerry Partridge said. “We’ve had a lot of success with them the last 12 years, but... Read More