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“Lives” proves to be witty, ridiculous comedy

Love can make people crazy, and also deliver a firm, back-handed slap every now and then. In the 1930s throwback, the cast of “Private Lives” demonstrated the confusing complexity of relationships and their psychotic side effects. The play opened with two couples, Elyott and Sybil, and Victor and Amanda, honeymooning in Deuville, France. Unlike the typical honeymoon however, Elyott and... Read More

Potter Hall Living Room offers creature comforts

It is always nice for students to have a place to go where they can relax between classes while enjoying the creature comforts of home. The department of Communication Studies, Theatre and Cinema now offers students such a place, The Living Room. TLR is actually the basement in Potter Hall that has been fixed up as a gathering place and will... Read More