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Changes made to General Education

Missouri Western is making General Education changes to what students need and don’t need. The general education changes are apart of the new program CORE 42. CORE 42 is the new general studies program that is coming to Missouri Western. The program came as a result of the Missouri Department of Higher Education proposed removing MAT 137 “Calculus in Business... Read More

Developmental math is going through some changes

Developmental math is going through some changes. First and foremost, it’s no longer being referred to as developmental math. Missouri Western’s Center for Success in Mathematics is currently in development and is planned to go into effect this fall. The reason for this change originated from the state’s plan to have the entrance requirement to general studies in math be... Read More

Agenstein construction enters final stages

The construction for the $35.1 million for the Agenstein/Remington is nearly complete and the building will be open and dedicated on Tuesday, Jan. 18. The vision for this project dates back as far as 2002 when funding was believed to be near for planning the project, but decreasing state revenues proved to be insurmountable for many years. In 2007, Missouri... Read More