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Bloodthirsty green giant steals the stage

Steve Catron has a very deep voice. In fact, he probably has one of the deepest voices in the theater department. When director of upcoming play “Little Shop of Horrors” Dallas Henry was looking to cast different characters, the script called for a deep-voiced person to play Wino #1 (a drunk). Catron more than likely came to mind. Expecting the role,... Read More

Minx displays versatility, 9 faces in ‘Little Shop’

Eddie Murphy won’t be participating in Missouri Western’s performance of “Little Shop of Horrors,” but Kyle Minx will be along with all nine characters he is playing. “All of the characters in it are definitely characters,” Minx said. “You have plays where people aren’t necessarily characters, they’re just people. In this show, pretty much everyone has a character; there isn’t really... Read More