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New Mozart Studio scholars attend intensive Western music camp

Four international students from the Nwe Mozart Studio  in  South Korea spent two weeks at an intensive Western music camp; attending recitals, participating in master classes and sharpening their language skills with intensive English classes. Three pianists, a female vocalist and their instructor Ok Sok Choi participated in Westerns musical workshop. The concert kicked off  at 6 p.m., Saturday, Feb... Read More

Sister shares experience with death penalty

To die or not to die, that is the question. On Thursday, Oct. 20 in the Kemper Recital Hall, Sister Christine Martin shared her experience corresponding with a death row inmate, Moses Young, in Potosi, Mo. She shared her thoughts and views about the death penalty while using her experience with Young and what she called a broken system. “I... Read More

Master Hypnotist mesmerizes students

The lights dim. You look out to the pairs of eyes eagerly staring at you. Close your eyes. You now see you are at the top of a flight of stairs the voice says. Relieve all the tension in your body. You take a step down. Relax. Feel yourself melting away. Take a step down. You start to slip away.... Read More