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Career fair

Students met face-to-face with ready-to-hire employers at Missouri Western’s career fair. The career fair was held on Thursday, Sept. 25 in Fulkerson Center. Almost 40 businesses were present and ready to meet with Western students looking for a job. Kay-lynne Taylor, director of the student employment center, felt the career fair was an opportunity students should never miss out on. “If... Read More

Will work for food

Getting something for nothing generally never ends well as seems to be played out annually in America with more and more people choosing to subsist on government benefits rather than finding a job or making themselves better equipped to maintain an income in the job market. It seems to be the case that unemployment will last forever and food is... Read More

“Supersize me,” said my middle finger

In recent news, I can’t help but notice the outcry from, mostly, the fast food workers over the living wage. I really was just going to let it go, watch it fall off the radar as just some goofy blip of a trend. Quickly disappearing like a fart in a summer breeze. However, a recent trip to a fast food... Read More

Blog your way to the top: students find success through social media

In today’s marketplace, college students need to realize that degrees are no longer enough. They also need a brand. New York Times best-selling author and business marketing guru, Jon Acuff, agrees. “You’ve got to differentiate yourself,” Acuff said. “A degree is now the starting line, not the finish line.” One very important way that students can begin to set themselves... Read More