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Zumba in the Room-ba: Close, but no cigar for Guinness

Vibrant yellow, pink and orange shirts light up the Griffon Indoor Sports Complex as men and women from the community line up on every five yard line to the 50 yard line of the football field to Zumba. Zumba in the Room-ba director Jennifer Bagley reads off the checklist to make sure everyone is ready to attempt breaking the Guinness World... Read More

Take advantage of ‘Anytime,’ ‘Zumba’

Another year, another New Year’s resolution to attempt to lose weight and stay in-shape. Allow the opportunities in 2012 to stick with it. Anytime Fitness has a deal students should check out if they want to keep their New Year’s resolution of keeping fit alive. While the Baker Center is free to students, the hours may not be fitting for students... Read More