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Missouri Western loses one Acadmic Program

The Bachelor of Art in Art degree is being cut from Missouri Western State University’s degree program and will no longer be offered starting this fall. Gov. Nixon requested a program review of all public institutions of higher educations two and four-year degree programs. The Missouri Department of Higher Education (MDHE) was responsible for conducting the review. The review took... Read More

Unemployment woes facing those with college degrees

Anxiety always runs high for college graduates, with the prospect of having to cope with a laundry list of new responsibilities, including finding that first “real job.” As commencement for December graduates was nearing the unemployment rate for the well-educated was on the rise, according to reports from the Bureau for Labor Statistics, reaching 5.1%, its highest point since the... Read More

Agenstein construction enters final stages

The construction for the $35.1 million for the Agenstein/Remington is nearly complete and the building will be open and dedicated on Tuesday, Jan. 18. The vision for this project dates back as far as 2002 when funding was believed to be near for planning the project, but decreasing state revenues proved to be insurmountable for many years. In 2007, Missouri... Read More