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McGuffin announced as new AD

Kurt McGuffin is a great fundraiser and a great man. Those were the words that Missouri Western President Robert Vartabedian said made McGuffin a worthy candidate and the reason he was chosen to become the new Athletic Director at Missouri Western. “Certainly with the budgetary crunch that we’re experiencing, those kinds of skills were obviously very important to us,” Vartabedian... Read More

Scholarship programs restructured

Millions of dollars is to be put into Missouri Scholarship programs when tuition is on the rise. Gov. Jay Nixon said, “My Budget in 2012 also includes millions of dollars for Missouri’s most successful college scholarship programs.” Gov. Nixon did not specify how much would go to what program and if the -scholarships are going to be worth more if... Read More

Future Enrollment At Missouri Western

Enrollment in colleges and universities across the nation is predicted to decrease due to a lack of graduating seniors. The total number of students in the nation is dropping. Howard McCauley, Director of Admissions, has known this was coming for a while. “Yes, we have known this for a long time,” McCauley said. “This is not a surprise. We are preparing for... Read More