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A brief history of Easter

As a kid, Easter was always about hunting for eggs, making delicious treats and getting gifts from the Easter Bunny, but as we grow older it’s important to understand why the holiday is celebrated. Jay Lemanski, assistant professor of history, explains that Easter begins with the Jewish Festival of Passover. “Passover commemorates when the Jews were slaves in Egypt and... Read More

Ancient history professor revives medieval times

Missouri Western recently enhanced the history department by adding a new professor to the staff to teach Ancient and Medieval History and Early Modern History. Eventually, Dr. Jay Lemanski will help to expand the upper level history courses by introducing and teaching classes on ancient Rome and ancient Greece. Lemanski is originally from Detroit. He came to Western from his... Read More

Convocation: How it began

Some wonder about the birth, the genesis, the uprising and takeover of the Convocation on Critical Issues at Missouri Western. This year’s Convocation on Critical Issues will hosts T. Boone Pickens who’s speech is titled Leadership and Getting Things Done: Reflections on a Lifetime of Comebacks and America’s Energy Future. The Convocation was the brainchild of a one Dan Boulware,... Read More