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‘The election was tough but we made it through’

After a heated election, Alec Guy and Connor Samenus are confirmed as the new SGA President and Executive Vice President and will be inaugurated April 19. The Guy/Samenus campaign won 263-216 against current SGA Executive Vice President Brad Stanton and Haden McDonald. The announcement of the new SGA administration was made after a committee hearing found Guy/Samenus in violation of... Read More

‘Without a doubt the best compromise’

Compromise. That was the theme for the Student Success Act Fee Advisory Committee, as their April 6 meeting ended with major improvements to the Looney Complex and Blum Student Union being agreed upon. With the end of the semester looming, the committee needed to come to a consensus before the end of the year. The committee entered the meeting with... Read More

SSA Advisory Committee Meets

(subhead = “Student Success Act committee meets to discuss use of student fee”) (This article goes between 2 plans) It all started with a plea for help from administration. The Student Success Act was enacted to help alleviate the costs of decreasing state appropriations, help Missouri Western continue the services it has and keep the buildings properly maintained. When the budget cuts from... Read More