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Room and board rates remain consistent for next semester

Though programs and other Western activities are facing low funding or higher student costs, Western’s dormitory costs have remained the same with just a slight increase in the super single suites. “This year we are very fortunate that the board of governors allowed us not to raise the prices,” Mark Stier, director of residential life, said. “If you would check... Read More

Griffon Hall problems reach a peak, Stier addresses solutions

By this time next year, residents of Griffon Hall will hopefully have all complaints put to rest. Mark Stier, Director of Residence Life, said that all new facilities have issues and with Griffon Hall, there are issues but they are minor. Part of the problem with the residence is the amount of time it takes for maintenance to come and... Read More

Residence Council ceases, new organization sets in

After the demise of Residence Council, the residents of Missouri Western were left without proper representation, until now. Resident students at Western will soon have the opportunity to have their voices heard through a new organization, Residence Hall Association. On-campus students are thrilled to see the differences the new organization will offer in comparison to the old. Many residents and... Read More

Western celebrates new addition

An official ribbon-cutting ceremony was held at 4:00 p.m., August 29, to dedicate the opening of Missouri Western’s newest, on-campus residence hall, Griffon Hall. The ribbon ceremony serves as the formal opening of the new hall, but it symbolizes and represents a lot more to Western. With the completion of the latest “on-time” construction project, as President Robert Vartabedian points... Read More

Griffon Hall brings new life to campus

Before students plan on renewing their leases for off-campus apartments for the Fall semester, they may want to reconsider living on campus, as Griffon Hall, the new dormitory for students 21 and up, will provide everything that an apartment can.             Griffon Hall Residence Director Danny Thompson feels that Griffon Hall is almost better than an apartment in that students... Read More