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Graduation changes

Commencement will look a lot different this May, as Missouri Western aims to develop a new tradition. Graduation will now take place in the Spratt Memorial football stadium for one large ceremony, instead of the traditional two, separate ceremonies formerly held in the Looney Complex. According to Jennifer McDonald, executive administration associate, this new commencement ceremony serves to help the... Read More

Undergraduate enrollment declines 4.06%

According to the data release which came out last Tuesday, Western’s enrollment numbers have fallen; however, this wasn’t unexpected. The numbers in the fall, 2013 release show that enrollment of undergraduates is down by 4.06%. After coming off of a several year enrollment high, the falling numbers were not a shock to most. Associate Dean of Enrollment, Tyson Shank explains:... Read More

Editorial: Hidden fees create chaos for students

The future of students graduating has been trampled down by hidden fees and secretive dates making it almost impossible for graduation. Missouri Western might offer students a great opportunity through earning a degree, but trying to get out of college after you have passed all these classes might be a challenge. Students who are seniors and looking forward to graduation... Read More

Unemployment woes facing those with college degrees

Anxiety always runs high for college graduates, with the prospect of having to cope with a laundry list of new responsibilities, including finding that first “real job.” As commencement for December graduates was nearing the unemployment rate for the well-educated was on the rise, according to reports from the Bureau for Labor Statistics, reaching 5.1%, its highest point since the... Read More