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Student loan default rates rise

The most recent available data shows Missouri Western students’ loan default rate has tripled in just four years. This problem is not only unique to Western, as default rates all over the country are climbing. However, the folks at financial aid here on campus are instituting a lot of new programs to keep students up-to-date on their loans and out... Read More

Sequestration equals funding castration

The looming sequestration cuts flailing around in Washington could affect Western’s students more than they know. As a result of the battle over the debt ceiling, President Obama laid out an unusual threat to the budget to get his proposition through a Conservative congress. The threat is a massive cut in both military and domestic spending. Neither side really thought... Read More

New formula for funding Higher Education

Missouri Western received $1,560 in state appropriations per student in 2012, which is 26.8 percent lower than the average in state appropriation. That may soon change. The Missouri Joint Committee on Education is working to create a new formula for funding higher education with House Bill 1731. President Robert Vartabedian traveled to Warrensburg, Mo., to address the committee on the... Read More