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Will work for food

Getting something for nothing generally never ends well as seems to be played out annually in America with more and more people choosing to subsist on government benefits rather than finding a job or making themselves better equipped to maintain an income in the job market. It seems to be the case that unemployment will last forever and food is... Read More

Rehab is for broke students

The government puts me through school for free and even pays my gas to get there and plenty of other Missouri Western students qualify to do the same but fail to take advantage and slide into debt instead. The program that is in place is called Vocational Rehabilitation and it helps students with a variety of disabilities fund college, or... Read More

Don’t major in debt

In today’s economy, students’ control over their finances needs to be on-point to avoid major issues after graduation. A lot of students just focus on going to class and making grades and fail to recognize the snow-ball of debt building in their wake from student loans, car payments and credit cards. Keeping their thumb on their financial pulse needs to... Read More

New program at Western to help students manage debt

Most students go through school not realizing the magnitude of their student loans, and they aren’t thinking about what the payment plan will eventually look like after school is over; Western now has a program that will help. The new program is called SALT and it is the latest brain-child of the respected American Student Assistance nonprofit and it is... Read More

Chocolate factory adds St. Joseph to lineup

A sweet choice with healthy options in one stop is sure to please both students and the St. Joseph community. Students in the Steven L. Craig School of Business at Missouri Western State University and their partnership with Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Inc. will be opening a new store in St. Joseph. They are leasing the former Russell Stover Candies... Read More