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Dana Andrews goes to China

Info for info box: Strong science and engineering programs. Over 40000 students. Located in Xi’an. Ranked one in 2006 in Telecommunications Engineering and Information Processing Technology. Dana Andrews, professor of English, has gone to China this semester to teach English at Xidian University. This is the second year of the professor exchange agreement between Western and the university in China.... Read More

International student enrollment at an all-time high

Missouri Western is expanding its international student community at a very fast pace. From last year’s fall semester to this one, the rate attending has almost doubled. International Student Services Director, Amy Kotwani, explains. “Last fall, when I started working here, we had 52 international students and scholars,” she said. “And by scholar, I mean we have some faculty, they... Read More

Exchange student presents life in France

The United States has long been known for its diversity of cultures. Missouri Western State University has also become a gathering place for students of many different races, languages and religions. One such student put together a presentation to better educate our students on her culture. Melanie Schneider is a business major at Western, but she is not from St.... Read More