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Western takes extra step in overcoming former racial stigma

Four years ago, when I first came to Missouri Western, I never thought the university would have any racial problems or issues. Though racism was still very alive in society, I just didn’t see that here. This was until the Griffon News made light of a very dark situation. Just two years ago, a racial issue took place between the... Read More

SGA buys playoff tickets for students

Missouri Western’s Student Government Association made an executive board decision to pony up the dough, buying 300 tickets for Saturday’s home playoff game — the first in school history. SGA gave away these tickets at noon on Monday, Nov. 14 in the Blum Student Union lobby to the first 300 students to claim them and agreed to co-purchase souvenir towels... Read More

Western celebrates new addition

An official ribbon-cutting ceremony was held at 4:00 p.m., August 29, to dedicate the opening of Missouri Western’s newest, on-campus residence hall, Griffon Hall. The ribbon ceremony serves as the formal opening of the new hall, but it symbolizes and represents a lot more to Western. With the completion of the latest “on-time” construction project, as President Robert Vartabedian points... Read More

Students brace for possible tuition increase

There is always a chance the price of tuition will increase while attending college. Missouri Western State University is one of the most financially responsible colleges to attend in the state, but at some time Western needs to raise tuition to pay for more things and advances the students could use. Esther Peralez, vice president for student affairs, is waiting... Read More

Mural in Blum to honor international students

Three student organizations gathered in Blum Student Union on Feb. 17 to paint a mural in honor of Western’s international community. The Griffon Art Society, Student Government Association and International Student Services all teamed up to paint flags inside the word “ONE” along the west entrance to Blum. Alison Norris, SGA director of communications, helped organize and gather funds for... Read More