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Undergraduate enrollment declines 4.06%

According to the data release which came out last Tuesday, Western’s enrollment numbers have fallen; however, this wasn’t unexpected. The numbers in the fall, 2013 release show that enrollment of undergraduates is down by 4.06%. After coming off of a several year enrollment high, the falling numbers were not a shock to most. Associate Dean of Enrollment, Tyson Shank explains:... Read More

Enrollment decreases 3.5% from previous year

For the first time in eight years, Missouri Western has experienced an enrollment decrease. Last year, 6,259 students were enrolled, according to the Missouri Department of Higher Education. However, current enrollment for fall semester is 6,074 students. That is a 3.5 percent decrease from last year. “We have been told for a number of years that our enrollment is likely... Read More

Enrollment numbers taking a semester off record pace

Around this time last year Missouri Western saw record enrollment numbers, but this year those numbers are likely to level off. Jeanne Daffron, provost and vice president of academic affairs, said that over the last three years Western has had an 18 percent increase in enrollment numbers. Official numbers for 2011 will be available on Sept. 27. It looks like... Read More

Enrollment trending up

The enrollment for the summer semester grew for the fourth consecutive year as total enrollment ballooned to 1,938 undergraduate and 129 graduate students. With all figures taken into consideration, the grand total for students enrolled for the summer semester was 3,335 which results in an 8.7 percent increase. On the surface this sounds great, but diving into the numbers gives... Read More

Future Enrollment At Missouri Western

Enrollment in colleges and universities across the nation is predicted to decrease due to a lack of graduating seniors. The total number of students in the nation is dropping. Howard McCauley, Director of Admissions, has known this was coming for a while. “Yes, we have known this for a long time,” McCauley said. “This is not a surprise. We are preparing for... Read More