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Benefits of enrollment increase come with drawbacks

Missouri Western’s enrollment rate has increased the past few years. Presuming the enrollment trend continues to rise, Western will become a sufficient university for prospective students to be educated at. Having a big enrollment has positives for the university. One of those positives is that it will put Western’s name out in the state of Missouri better. I’ve seen signs... Read More

Freshmen enrollment up 17.3 percent

Tentative numbers suggest that Missouri Western has experienced an increase in freshmen enrollment of 17.3 percent and an increase of 3.5 percent in overall enrollment. No easy feat, considering that high school graduation rates in the state of Missouri are going down. “It’s beyond our expectations,” Western president Robert Vartabedian said. “We thought if we had an increase of ten... Read More

Western enrollment down three percent

As of Sept. 28, Western’s official census reported a three percent drop in enrollment from fall 2015. Currently, Western has 5,388 full time students in its cohort. Vice President of Enrollment Paul Orscheln thinks the growing economy might play a role in Western’s slight decrease in enrollment. “We saw a significant drop in the number of students age 30 and... Read More

Western sees significant increase in retention

Missouri Western’s Fall census numbers show that the student body is not only growing, but is also returning for each semester in high numbers. The census data collected on Monday, Sept. 22 revealed a 3.5 percent increase in returning first-time, full-time students. The freshman-to-sophomore retention rate rose to 64 percent. Tyson Schank, director of admissions, said that this is a... Read More

Census shows increase in headcount

The fall 2014 census shows a steady increase over last fall in students enrolled, and relatively no change in credit hours taken. Currently, Western’s headcount is 5,742 undergraduate students, which is a 1.74 percent increase over last fall’s 5,644. While the headcount is slightly up over last year’s, the total number of credit hours that Western students are taking is... Read More