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Student weighs in on the state of America

Submitted by Josh Shorba The condition of American society can be summed up in two words. Double standards. We had a president named Obama who ordered tens of thousands of bombings all over the Middle East, who blocked refugees from Cuba and Iraq, who deported more illegal immigrants than any other president in history, drove up the poverty of the... Read More

Clinton vs Trump: an election unlike any other

E. Smith, Reporter Indescribable. Unprecedented. Crazy. These words have been used to describe this year’s Presidential election cycle. And Missouri Western’s own political science professors certainly have a lot to say about the election. “It is unprecedented in so many ways,” said Dr. Melinda Kovács, who has been teaching political science for 13 years and has spent the past five... Read More

Cruz and Clinton Win Iowa Caucus

Missouri’s presidential primary may not be until March, but its neighbor to the north voted Monday night and the votes are in. In the 2016 Presidential Iowa Caucus, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz won his party’s caucus with 28% of the vote. Finishing in second and third place for the Republicans was Donald Trump with 24% of the vote and Sen.... Read More