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All parties at fault: fallout from fundraiser disaster could’ve been better handled

When we heard about the incident at the Wyeth-Tootle mansion, we had a hard time believing that a night in St. Joseph could sound so much like a rough draft script of “The Hangover: Part 4.” Although, at first, it seemed like the party’s patrons were solely to blame for the thousands of dollars in damage and gunfire outside the... Read More

Shots fired during sorority fundraiser

A charity fundraiser went awry four months ago for a Missouri Western organization, and they are still experiencing the ramifications. The Sigma Nu chapter of Delta Sigma Theta sorority has been suspended for six months by both the national chapter and Missouri Western after an event involving gunfire and damage to a historic painting in St. Joseph. According to the... Read More

Western student Shelby Bratton lives each day to the fullest

When it comes to free time, Shelby Bratton doesn’t have a lot of it. She juggles her time between nursing courses, studying, and leading her sorority, Delta Sigma Theta. Shelby Bratton is president of the sorority, and with that presidency, comes a lot of responsibility. On top of her sorority involvement, Bratton is also one of only three African American... Read More

Historically-black Greek organizations prepare for upcoming events

Alpha Phi Alpha Only weeks away from their 20-year anniversary on campus, Alpha Phi Alpha is still making a strong impact within the community. APA is a historically black fraternity who definitely emphasize the business aspect of what they do. “When it comes to community service leaders in the city, they know us by our first name,” Vice President of... Read More