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Wild about Western

If aging deer, participating in the Mark Twain National Forest research project, or volunteering with wildlife professionals at Squaw Creek sound compelling, than you might want to think about switching your major. These, and more, are exactly the kind of projects students and faculty of the Wildlife and Biology departments on campus will be found participating in and encouraging others... Read More

New meaning to “Western Gold”

A new minor is going to be offered at Western’s Craig School of Business. It is attached to a program there that is causing a lot of excitement and opportunity for students. The goal there is to have more than just a degree. President Robert Vartabedian explains. “What they are trying to do in that entrepreneurship initiative is to have... Read More

Out Front with Hunt: Universities waste students’ time, money

When you come to college, you expect to take classes that deal with only your degree. The fact is many people don’t realize how many other classes you must take to earn that degree. It’s amazing how much a university makes each year from students. They not only have to pay for the classes, housing, and supplies, but they now... Read More