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No ‘kidding’ around for this young cast

The director’s voice projects throughout the whole theater. Sitting in the audience he announces on the microphone, telling the young actors on stage to up their enthusiasm because they are in a party scene. The children nod their heads and the director says “Go!” The scene restarts. Five-year-old Ian Rhoad sneaks a small chalkboard with the words “laugh out loud”... Read More

Cratchit family inspires Christmas Cheer

Imagine a Christmas not filled with expensive material possessions or large fancy dinners, but a Christmas filled with nothing to cherish and hold but our loved ones.  That is a Cratchit family Christmas. The Cratchit family is Dickens’ portrayal of what a poor family was like in these times.  Even though they are a large, poor family, they never lose... Read More

‘Christmas Carol’ to play at Western

Charles Dickens’ classic novel, “A Christmas Carol,” will be coming to life as Griffon students take on the second major production of the school year. Many students, like sophomore Jeff Jones, have been ready to take stage for “A Christmas Carol” since the end of the performances of the last school play, “Romeo and Juliet.” Read More: No ‘kidding’ around... Read More

Students leave their ‘Dirty Bit’ on the field

“Hey! Get off the field!” “What is she doing?!” Some students in the Missouri Western crowd at the rivalry football game were yelling at the Northwest Missouri State University students who had rushed to the middle of the field during half time last Saturday. Others were left scratching their heads. “I was really confused,” onlooker Lauren Dillon said. “All I... Read More

Potter Hall Living Room offers creature comforts

It is always nice for students to have a place to go where they can relax between classes while enjoying the creature comforts of home. The department of Communication Studies, Theatre and Cinema now offers students such a place, The Living Room. TLR is actually the basement in Potter Hall that has been fixed up as a gathering place and will... Read More