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Convocation lacked enthusiasm from students

Each year, the Missouri Western Foundation welcomes a guest speaker to speak about critical issues that our nation and world are facing today. The only downturn to the speakers that the foundation chooses is the fact that many of these speakers are on one political party or the other. This year’s Convocation on Critical Issues was supposed to be over... Read More

Convocation: How it began

Some wonder about the birth, the genesis, the uprising and takeover of the Convocation on Critical Issues at Missouri Western. This year’s Convocation on Critical Issues will hosts T. Boone Pickens who’s speech is titled Leadership and Getting Things Done: Reflections on a Lifetime of Comebacks and America’s Energy Future. The Convocation was the brainchild of a one Dan Boulware,... Read More

Editorial: Wake up students

While Thomas Friedman spoke about the end of the age of average for Americans, students at Missouri Western State University slept soundly, nestled against one another for comfort, in the bleachers of Looney arena. If your cheeks just blushed, then they rightly should have. If you laughed or scoffed, perhaps you should reassess you college career. See, the point of... Read More