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Mental Health Concern

According to Mental Health America(MHA), a nonprofit organization that assist in highlighting all aspects of mental illnesses, the state of Missouri lies in upper half of prevalence of mental health in the United States. While the 2018 fall semester has given Missouri Western an historic increase in freshmen enrollment, it has also seen a surge in the number of students... Read More

Numbers rush in

The IFC, or Interfraternity Council, rush numbers are around what they expected them to be. Here at Western, the IFC is comprised of three fraternities: Phi Sigma Kappa, Tau Kappa Epsilon and Phi Delta Theta. Phi Delta Theta reports the most new members. Alex Atkinson explains: “That’s what we usually aim to get, around that number,” he said. “We had... Read More

Blog your way to the top: students find success through social media

In today’s marketplace, college students need to realize that degrees are no longer enough. They also need a brand. New York Times best-selling author and business marketing guru, Jon Acuff, agrees. “You’ve got to differentiate yourself,” Acuff said. “A degree is now the starting line, not the finish line.” One very important way that students can begin to set themselves... Read More