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Crimes on campus

Clery Reports When high school students are looking into what college they want to attend for the next four years, something they all may consider is safety. Living on a college campus is a different experience from living at home. Like in the real world, a campus is its own little community. That being said, crimes happen on campuses just... Read More

Clery Report reveals little change in crimes, enforcement

Western released the annual Clery report, a government mandated document, depicting the crimes on Missouri Western’s campus over the past three years on Monday, Sept. 28. Institutions of higher education that receive any federal funding are required by law to submit crime statistics and basic security policies; without compliance, said institutions could face hefty penalties and potential funding withdrawn. The... Read More

Annual Clery Crime Report shows decrease in almost every category

The release of the 2011 annual Clery Crime Report revealed a decrease of reported incidents of campus crimes prior to 2012. The report showed a decrease in almost all the categories. University Police Chief Jon Kelley said the only category that stayed the same as in 2010 was forcible sex offense in which two crimes were reported for 2011. “I... Read More