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MWSU Casino Night

Students flooded into the Fulkerson Center in hopes of getting lucky as Residential Life and the Resident Hall Association hosted their annual Casino Night on Wednesday, Feb. 11. Students participated in a wide variety of games including blackjack, poker, roulette, bingo and even had the chance to try their luck with the slot machines, in hopes of winning big and taking... Read More

SGA should consider bribing students to vote

Student Government Association. The highest governing body for students on a university campus is not simply seen just as leaders but more of a gateway to achieving expectations. It’s just sad that when this group of individuals work to accomplish goals and help improve the way of life for students that they can’t even get 30 percent of the student... Read More

A night of jackpots: Western hosts casino night

Jackpot. The second annual Casino Night at Missouri Western drew in a crowd of over 800 students, faculty, staff and administrators. Before the doors opened at 8:00 p.m. on Feb. 7 crowds of students lined the halls waiting to enter Fulkerson Center turned Casino. The prizes this year that were purchased by  Student  Affairs ranged from a big screen TV,... Read More

Win big at Blum casino

What better way to take a break from studying for finals than to gamble, sumo wrestle, dance, eat breakfast and, most importantly, win prizes? Western Activities Council and Student Affairs have a lot planned for students in the next couple of days. Student Affairs will be putting on Casino Night which includes poker, Russian roulette, slot machines, black jack and... Read More