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Campus Voice: What is your reaction to the Western’s harddrive security breach?

Question: Hard-disk drive containing thousands of student’s personal information temporarily out of MWSU possession, what is your reaction? Sean McConnell – Freshman A: “Didn’t really have a reaction to it (e-mail release), I just kind of glanced at it.” Trent Moss – Freshman A: “Pretty mad because if that’s my information out there that’s not cool!” Amanda Francis – Freshman... Read More

Campus voice

Question: How would you feel if teachers could carry concealed weapons on campus? Aly Rinehart senior It feels like it might keep them safer and it might keep students safer. Colton Ridenour Junior I am pro-arming teachers to an extent; it makes it safer for students. Charity Everall junior I’m for it because they are protecting my ass! Alisha Buchanan... Read More

Do you think the schools WiFi is fast?

Amanda Felice, Senior  “I have never had a problem with it.” Ashlyn Stevens, Freshman “Its very frustrating at times because its terrible.” Mitchell Swinford, Freshman “I rarely use it, but when I do, it’s really slow. It causes frustration.” Charles Thornton, Sophomore  “When I use it the WiFi has been pretty good to me.” Sam White, Freshman  “It’s really bad... Read More