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President Robert Vartabedian to retire after 11 years

Missouri Western President Robert Vartabedian announced his plans to retire to the Board of Governors, effective July 1, 2019. Vartabedian is entering his eleventh year as Western’s president making him the longest tenured president currently serving at a Missouri public university. “I’m very appreciative of the opportunity that this university has given me to have this presidency as a capstone... Read More

Meet Market 3/28/18

“I have an ex who is really sweet, and I care about their feelings a great deal. I can’t seem to get them to understand the space that I need post-relationship. How do I get my point across without being hurtful or too blunt?” -Sincerely, Claustrophobic Dear Claustrophobic, Breakups are the fine print that people overlook when they enthusiastically sign... Read More

Meet Market 3/21/18

Dearest Caleb of the Meet Market, You may have remembered me from my last letter I wrote to you about a difficulty with asking to partake in an evening with my co-worker. There is currently another fair maiden in my English class that I’m also quite fond of. We have participated in evenings of indulgence with one another, but I... Read More

Meet Market 2/28/18

“Should I go to my girlfriend’s house for spring break? We’ve been dating for a year and a half and I don’t know if I should.” -Decrepit Invalid Dear Decrepit Invalid, Spring break is often considered to be the most fun time during the semester, which is because it is the least painful series of days that occur (and happiness... Read More