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Sequestration equals funding castration

The looming sequestration cuts flailing around in Washington could affect Western’s students more than they know. As a result of the battle over the debt ceiling, President Obama laid out an unusual threat to the budget to get his proposition through a Conservative congress. The threat is a massive cut in both military and domestic spending. Neither side really thought... Read More

Western set for record earnings

Missouri Western is set to have another record-breaking profit of more than $3 million this year, and that is before the $1.5 million coming from the Student Success Act fees. Despite high earnings over the last three years and cash reserves at a 10-year high, President Dr. Robert Vartabedian remains “cautiously optimistic.” When addressing the administration, faculty and staff earlier... Read More

Western $7 million in black 2010-12

Missouri Western has had revenues exceeding its budget by more than $7.4 million in the last three years, building up reserves that had been depleted for several years prior to 2009. Interim Vice President for Financial Planning and Administration Rick Gilmore attributes the surpluses in part to being careful not to overestimate income from student fees and state revenue and... Read More

SGA allocates money to special projects

After the removal of Residence Council, Student Government Association is determining how best to use the excess funding. As the 2011-2012 school year unfolds, SGA will be looking to allocate the $26,400 that was initially given to RC. Since the SGA budget doesn’t fund the new Residence Hall Association, the extra funds have been placed in special projects budget. According... Read More

Residence Council ceases, new organization sets in

After the demise of Residence Council, the residents of Missouri Western were left without proper representation, until now. Resident students at Western will soon have the opportunity to have their voices heard through a new organization, Residence Hall Association. On-campus students are thrilled to see the differences the new organization will offer in comparison to the old. Many residents and... Read More