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Editorial: Dear Governor Greitens

Dear Governor Greitens, We are writing to ask the question on the mind of every public college and university across the state: What the hell? We understand the need for budget cuts and that to balance the Missouri state deficit things had to change. However, we are a little curious why you chose to take a majority of the deficit... Read More

Adjuncts make up 27 percent of faculty

At Western, adjuncts make up about 27 percent of faculty. Budget cuts from the state have increased the percentage of adjuncts by over 40 percent. Adjunct faculty members work without a contract for significantly less pay than full-time professors. [caption id="attachment_9518" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Adjunct faculty member Rosetta Ballew-Jennings points out instructions at the beginning of her English 100 class. Jason... Read More