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Board of Governors pass on student requests

Missouri Western State University’s Board of Governors are charting the same budget course as last year which resulted in an additional $3 million above expenses without the additional $1.5 million from the Student Success Act’s fees. General operating reserves have surpassed $8 million, which is a ten-year high, and the BOG voted Thursday, Feb. 28 to spend down $1 million... Read More

Board of Governors agrees to open reserves for one-time expenditures

Missouri Western may soon be making up to $1 million in maintenance and equipment upgrades, pending an upcoming Board of Governors vote to loosen the purse strings on a reserves budget that has grown significantly in recent years. With input from faculty, staff and administrators, President Robert Vartabedian has compiled a list of potential upgrades and maintenance that he will... Read More

Student Opinion: Taking the Tobacco Policy to the President

At their October 16, 2012, meeting, the Governance Advisory Council recommended a new policy banning the use of tobacco products on the campus of Missouri Western State University. I signed the policy October 23, 2012. The new policy is below. The target date for implementation of the new policy is July 1, 2013. Missouri Western seeks to maintain a safe... Read More

Editorial: Students should take a stand on this election season

Flip-flopping seems to be the game that the Missouri Western Board of Governors likes to play. In a crucial election year, the Board of Governors has decided to support Proposition B which would favor a bill that could raise taxes on cigarettes for revenue toward Higher Education. The proposition would generate an estimated $84 million boost from the tobacco tax... Read More