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Western Student Attends National Prayer Breakfast in D.C.

Paul Granberry III is the first Western student to have the honor of attending the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C. The National Prayer Breakfast, an annual event started in 1953 by Abraham Vereide, is a series of meetings, luncheons and dinners attended by around 3,000 people from nearly 140 countries. State senators and representatives, doctors, lawyers and community leaders,... Read More

Black Heritage Ball rolls through Western

Take an action, make a change, be an example. This was the advice given in speeches delivered as part of the 2nd annual Black Heritage Ball held on the evening of Feb 27 in Blum. Nearly 70 students attended the formal event. Some performed the waltz and the cha cha, some delivered moving speeches, and others gave stirring vocal performances. A... Read More

BSU hosts sensual poetry night on Valentine’s Day

It wasn’t just the snaps and applauses that made the second annual poetry night successful. The event also melted many Missouri Western hearts on Valentine’s Day. Though a traditional Valentine’s Day might consist of roses, chocolates, and heart-shaped balloons from your loved one, this was not the case at the poetry event, called “Black Love.” Many Western students gathered to... Read More

Western hopes to excite, educate campus with black history month

Black History Month at Western is shaping up to be anything but boring. All month long there will be a long list of things to do to celebrate; from cultural movies to a taboo talk event, the Black Student Union and the Center for Multicultural Education are hoping to bring a lot of passion and excitement to the table this... Read More

Western takes extra step in overcoming former racial stigma

Four years ago, when I first came to Missouri Western, I never thought the university would have any racial problems or issues. Though racism was still very alive in society, I just didn’t see that here. This was until the Griffon News made light of a very dark situation. Just two years ago, a racial issue took place between the... Read More