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Alpha Phi Alpha promotes community, campus awareness during APA week

The men of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity will be kicking off their official Alpha week with a basketball game, a career development event and the annual step show. President of APA Mark Bush said that the goal of Alpha week this year is to educate people on important issues such as community service, networking and educational improvement. One special goal... Read More

Alphas rebuild after 3-year hiatus

Martin Luther King Jr., W.E.B Dubois, Duke Ellington, Jackie Robinson and Thurgood Marshall are all defined as historic African American men that stood as dominant figures of American culture. Since adolescence, we have read about their adversities, their successes and their contributions. Yet, what many people didn’t know about these men is that they are all a part of the... Read More

Historically-black Greek organizations prepare for upcoming events

Alpha Phi Alpha Only weeks away from their 20-year anniversary on campus, Alpha Phi Alpha is still making a strong impact within the community. APA is a historically black fraternity who definitely emphasize the business aspect of what they do. “When it comes to community service leaders in the city, they know us by our first name,” Vice President of... Read More