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Missouri Western adds to sexual assualt and pregnancy policies

While changes at the national level may be in the works, Missouri Western has already made changes to some of its own university policies. Under the Sexual Misconduct Policy and Complaint Resolution Procedures policy guide, two definitions have been added. The first definition was coercion and how it related to consent. Coercion is an “unreasonable pressure that overrides a person’s... Read More

Title IX investigations face an uncertain future

On September 7, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos announced that her department would review measures put in place during the Obama Administration on how colleges and universities investigate sexual assault, with the idea of changing or even repealing some of them. Those exact change that may be proposed or may go into effect is unknown, Missouri Western’s Title XI Coordinator Adam... Read More

New policy allows students to change preferred name

Starting this spring, a Missouri Western revised a policy in order to allow students to switch to their preferred first name on several university records, joining 159 other colleges and universities in adopting this policy. This change is designed to help the school be more inclusive to all students in order to make them feel more comfortable and to improve their... Read More

New Spaces for New Mothers: Western installs lactation rooms

In Missouri, new mothers are protected under law to be able to breastfeed their child(ren) in public spaces with discretion, but despite legal protection, it can often be difficult or embarrassing for new mother to feed their children while attending classes. Missouri Western has recently designated a series of lactation rooms throughout campus to make new parents more comfortable while... Read More