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Griffons Remain Undefeated at Home this Season

Missouri Western football downed Central Oklahoma in a thriller Saturday night by a score of 41-37 at Craig Field at Spratt Memorial Stadium. This week the Griffon football team looked to avenge the heartbreaking loss that they suffered last week in Warrensburg, as they took on Central Oklahoma in a battle of 1-2 records. However, it seemed like the Western offense... Read More

Education Department makes new changes to Title IX

On Friday, Sept. 22, the U.S. Education Department announced that it was making changes to how universities and colleges handle Title IX. The Education Department, headed by Betsy DeVos, released a new “Dear Colleague” letter and the follow-up Q&A. These documents provide guidance on how to abide by federal regulations like Title IX. This 2017 letter rescinded the 2011 “Dear... Read More

Title IX investigations face an uncertain future

On September 7, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos announced that her department would review measures put in place during the Obama Administration on how colleges and universities investigate sexual assault, with the idea of changing or even repealing some of them. Those exact change that may be proposed or may go into effect is unknown, Missouri Western’s Title XI Coordinator Adam... Read More

Tunnel of Oppression seeks volunteers

Once again the CME annual tunnel of oppression is looking for volunteers to help lead groups through the tunnel, sound effects and pictures, from October second through the nineteenth. According to Director Latoya Fitzpatrick,  “We need people to be actors in the tunnel. We need people to lead tours through the tunnel We also need people to help set up... Read More