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Editor Reviews New iPhone X

For the last 5 years, I’ve been carrying around this trusty little iPhone 5s, with a cute Maneki-Neko lucky cat case. My favorite part of the case was that it was big enough to draw attention away from the fact that I was still communicating via an ancient relic that could only be charged by twisting the charging cable around... Read More

Percussion Ensemble Festival

The second annual Percussion Ensemble Festival cymbalizes everything that Missouri Western strives to be. The event took place on April 24 in the Fulkerson Center. Local high school percussion ensembles performed throughout the day at Western for a clinic to receive a grade in front of judges. This event provided feedback for the high school students to perfect their performances.... Read More

Student reveals discourse from the white house

After weeks of research and writing, Missouri Western junior Dominique Gilbert presented her empirical project about the discourse coming from the White House for the Trump administration around Islamic terrorism in Popplewell on Friday, April 20. Gilbert discussed the White House’s discourse around Islamic terrorism in the United States and about how that discourse may be changing Islamic culture in... Read More

Student Argues Being Busy Isn’t A Good Excuse

Submitted by Britne Misner We live in a world of profoundly “busy” people. Running around, forgetting deadlines, eating poorly, and dehydrating themselves. Telling themselves that they are sacrificing their relationships and their health for spiritual growth and an upper-hand in this mess we call life. But we also live in a world filled with critics. People who make us feel... Read More

National No Technology day

In today’s day in age, or the technology era as I like to call it, it is impossible to not see one person using their cell phone or any advanced 21st-century technology on any given day. Which makes me wonder what life, just for a single day, would be like if everyone was unable to connect with each other through... Read More