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Population control

October 2, 2009 Comments

Dave Hon

Whenever I watch “Capote” and arrive to the end where they hang Dick and Perry, I can’t help but feel a little sad that two people are now dead. At the same time, I also feel a little comforted. I am sure that many people have these feelings too, and I hope that I can […]

Show me the money

October 2, 2009 Comments

Robin Gann

Ever hear the phrase, “money talks BS walks”? It’s one of those old colloquialisms that your grandpa, and pretty much any old-timer who has tried to give you advice uses. Well, as our society advances, we find values falling to the waste side and capitalism taking their place: which I love. It lets you use […]


September 25, 2009 Comments

Ryan Scroggins

“We find many things to which the prohibition of them constitutes the only temptation.” -William Hazlitt This is particularly true of the pornography industry. Not that porn is prohibited, instead, restricted and considered taboo. Regardless, its presence in our culture cannot go unnoticed. With the internet as its vehicle, pornography is just a double-click away […]

Stealing sexuality

September 25, 2009 Comments

Daniel Donan

I love porn. I love it so much that almost daily I have to fight a battle to resist its siren call. Like the crew of the Odyssey, I have to tie my captain to the mast of the ship to keep myself from running into the rocks of self pleasure. After a hard day, […]

Universal health care

September 2, 2009 Comments

Ryan Scroggins

I’ve never completely aligned myself with a traditional political party or set of beliefs. I would not define myself as a conservative or liberal. Our nation’s current debate over health care reform hits home for me. I am a non-traditional, independent, uninsured student. All of this said, I live above the poverty line and I […]

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