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Great Divide: Size does matter, bigger is better

April 2, 2010 Comments

Charlene Divino

Call it big government if you want to, I just can’t condemn it. Let me first apologize for my “socialist” tendencies—I just really like public schools, roads, and the work of our police and firemen. I appreciate our defense system and the fact that I’ve never seen a war on our land. I don’t mind […]

Slug fest: Superman

November 12, 2009 Comments

Brian Horstmann

Let’s face it. If Superman is going up against the incredible el kabongo insaniac frothin’ at the mouth Hulk, he’s going to have to stop bein’ a sissy little boy scout and pull out his big guns. In order to face the unleashed animalistic fury of a nuclear powered wimp with a PhD in physics, […]

Slug fest: Hulk

November 12, 2009 Comments

Daniel Donan

Now that we have examined the two major comic companies, it is only proper that we delve a little deeper and look at the characters of those two separate universes and muse over how they would stack up in a mano e mano brawl. In doing this, we should start with the two great powerhouses […]

Let’s build a global group of friendships

October 15, 2009 Comments

Daniel Donan

Okay, this one is a hard one to defend. How am I supposed to say that internet socializing is better than the real thing? How can I compare face to face interaction and conversation with the illusion of connectedness that internet socializing allows? Is it even possible to say that surfing the web for your […]

Online social networking is destroying society

October 15, 2009 Comments

Michael Carpenter

Every day millions of college students log onto Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or any number of social networking sites and, unfortunately, it is eroding our society from the inside. Rather than spending our time having fun with friends in person or doing something that has an actual impact on society for the better, we sit for […]

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