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Governor pushes for more need-based funding

April 3, 2007 Comments


A politician keeping his word? It’s unheard of. Rare though it may be, Missouri Western is watching it happen at this very moment. Gov. Matt Blunt has wooed us with whispers of increased financial aid for the needy college student, and he’s making it happen. Blunt has a vision to help Missourians keep and enjoy […]

Lack of parenting skills, not Book It, to blame for child obesity

March 27, 2007 Comments


Remember being in grade school and reading books in hopes of receiving a personal pan pizza hut pizza as a reward? How many books would students actually read if it weren’t for the promise of a four-piece beauty with extra cheese? Well, one motivation for students to read is in jeopardy thanks to critics now […]

Hate: it’s all around us

March 6, 2007 Comments


Sometimes it’s more comfortable for people to close their eyes to the hate around them than to see the truth and do something about it. Judy Shepard saw the truth up close and personal when her son was beaten to death out of hatred for his lifestyle. She’s seen it, and she’s doing something about […]

What lurks in your loins?

February 27, 2007 Comments


Are you free of STDs? Would you ever lie to a person to get them into bed? Would you be less than honest about your job, family, possessions or health? Three out of 10 men and one out of 10 women reading this article have lied about something in order to seduce the opposite sex, […]

College students should watch for common financial pitfalls and short-term plans

February 20, 2007 Comments


As students, most of us have a good idea of what debt feels like. The majority of us will graduate with about $10,000 of loans, and many will have more oppressing financial burdens than that. The idea of the “poor college student” is fairly embedded in the American psyche, but when those poor students graduate, […]

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