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Is wage hike good?

January 30, 2007 Comments


Many Western student employees will rejoice at seeing a hike in their paychecks beginning in February. It’s a good reason to celebrate, right? One should think so. However, it could very well be that a glaring problem is lurking in the details of this change. Our university will be out an unexpected $240,000 for the […]

Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by setting unattainable goals

January 9, 2007 Comments


As we now move into the Spring semester here at Western, we will see many changes. The days are beginning to lengthen, we’ll have new classes and challenges, we’ll meet new people and hopefully make new friends. Nature will awake and all creatures will shed their winter coats, although we humans never got to wear […]

Sure, Charlie Brown, we can tell you what Christmas is all about

December 5, 2006 Comments


So here we all are running around getting life done. We’ve got work to do, people to see, presents to wrap, cookies to bake, and all in a matter of weeks. Yikes. Every year it happens the same way: we piddle around for 11 and a half months, putting off the inevitable, pretending it won’t […]

We as Americans have so many reasons to give thanks

November 14, 2006 Comments


Quickly approaching is that glorious day. It is the day of family, football and pumpkin pie. It is the day that puts the usual gluttony of the American people to shame. It is, of course, Thanksgiving. Yes, children, pack up your dirty laundry and get ready for Mom’s home cooking. Be careful, though, in the […]

Let’s all vote intelligently

November 7, 2006 Comments


The past few years it seems that good old politicin’ has fallen by the wayside. It has been replaced by mudslinging and uninformative ads. Jim Talent and Claire McCaskill are engaged in a nasty catfight for U.S. Senate. If you want to find out what issues they plan to support, don’t pay attention to their […]

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