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Opportunity for college cash is knocking; will you answer the door?

February 20, 2008 Comments


We, at the Griffon Newspaper editorial staff, have many things in common aside from our thirst for pur­suit of the news. One thing we have in common is the fact that we are all college students. Another thing is that not a single one of us is a self made millionaire…yet. Being that this is […]

Administration makes good call on Wednesday’s snow day

February 13, 2008 Comments

Stacey Shores

Something strange has been occurring over this winter here at Missouri Western State University. A day happens when the windswept snow blankets the streets and communication from point A to point B becomes a civic nightmare. Bravo to the administration for calling it a “snow day” last Wednesday. Twice in the last three months the […]

Have some respect, this isn’t High School

October 31, 2007 Comments


Recently a lot of hype has been given about acts of violence, profanity, rudeness and disrespectfulness, by a group of students at Missouri Western, reportedlyall coming from one minority. From a huge fight during one of their functions, to disrespectful behavior during the convocation, to vandalism and foul behavior in the student union, we here […]

DUC is a good first step

October 9, 2007 Comments


It may be under the radar and out of sight of most minds, but Missouri Western and its Western Institute have opened the Downtown University Center—and we like it.   This is the new home of our Law Enforcement Academy, several commu­nity arts classes, and will soon host credit courses related to urban develop­ment thanks […]

Are you “green” yet?

October 2, 2007 Comments

Charlene Divino

Your local supermarket has gone green and wants to know if you have yet. So do the celebrities that can’t stop doing voiceover for Discover Channel specials about global warming. The fuel manufacturers want to know too. Are you buying into the movement?    Are you going to jump on the bandwagon too? I was […]

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