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Regardless of what’s done, something has to happen

September 11, 2014 Comments

Mika Cummins

Everyone loves having a pool. It was a desired thing to have with every house when we were younger. But how many of you actually know that we have a pool? Regardless of how many of you think, “I know we do,” the number of you that actually go and use the pool is pathetic. […]

Thumbs up to Admissions

August 27, 2014 Comments

Mika Cummins

First off, we would like to welcome any new students to Missouri Western. Congratulations on your decision to become a Griffon. Second, we would like to extend a huge two thumbs up to the Admissions office just a little ways down from our newsroom. Everyone in that office kicked some serious butt with enrollment numbers […]

Safety is Not Top Priority

April 16, 2014 Comments

Nicholas Ingram

Last Tuesday at 3 p.m. a Griffon Alert was sent out to students advising everyone to shelter in place drill to simulate an active shooter on campus. Instructors were told to close their doors and turn off the lights in their classrooms, and anyone not in a class was advised to seek shelter where possible. […]

Turn in and turn out: SGA needs both candidates and voters

April 9, 2014 Comments


We at The Griffon News have a confession to make. We didn’t turn out to vote in March’s Student Government Association election. All eight of our editors failed to do our civic duty when it came to choosing the coming year’s student representatives. In all fairness, the election at the top of the ticket — […]

All parties at fault: fallout from fundraiser disaster could’ve been better handled

March 28, 2014 Comments


When we heard about the incident at the Wyeth-Tootle mansion, we had a hard time believing that a night in St. Joseph could sound so much like a rough draft script of “The Hangover: Part 4.” Although, at first, it seemed like the party’s patrons were solely to blame for the thousands of dollars in […]

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