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Editorial: Western, the other black and gold

October 6, 2011 Comments


Seven years of growth is a huge accomplishment for an organization with diminishing funds. Then again, Missouri Western has never been an average institution. In the past seven years, Western has increased its enrollment by 27 percent. We are a growing and diverse university. Most Western administrators would attribute this to the harsh economy. Layoffs […]

Editorial: Wake up students

September 29, 2011 Comments


While Thomas Friedman spoke about the end of the age of average for Americans, students at Missouri Western State University slept soundly, nestled against one another for comfort, in the bleachers of Looney arena. If your cheeks just blushed, then they rightly should have. If you laughed or scoffed, perhaps you should reassess you college […]

Editorial: Elimination of RC leaves money hanging

September 22, 2011 Comments

Dave Hon

During the last wave of constitutional changes, Student Government Association decided to break Residence Council off as one of its three main branches. While RC was part of SGA, it received nearly $30,000 in funding directly from SGA. Now that RC no longer exists, and a new organization has cropped up to take its place […]

Campus encouraged to stop parking complaints

September 12, 2011 Comments

Ellis Cross

There is no parking problem. At least that’s the word from parking services, and we agree. For years now when students have complained they have been rebuffed by the final and only defensible position: There are plenty of parking spaces for every student, faculty and staff to park on campus. That is rare. Some universities […]

Editorial: Making the best of a dirty situation

August 23, 2011 Comments

Ellis Cross

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon (D) believes that students either need to pay more for their education at Missouri Western State University or deal with a lower quality education. Either way, Western will receive the lowest state appropriations per student than any other university in the state of Missouri. In the future, this will cost students […]

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