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Eboni’s Enlightenment: I’m sick of girls killing themselves

April 5, 2013 Comments

Eboni Lacey

Screw today’s culture. Yeah, I said it. I’m sick to my stomach about these young girls killing themselves everyday because of the stupidity behind our culture. The girls aren’t killing themselves with guns or knives but with their own words and with their own self-esteem. They literally destroy themselves from the inside out because of […]

Western takes extra step in overcoming former racial stigma

September 13, 2012 Comments

Eboni Lacey

Four years ago, when I first came to Missouri Western, I never thought the university would have any racial problems or issues. Though racism was still very alive in society, I just didn’t see that here. This was until the Griffon News made light of a very dark situation. Just two years ago, a racial […]