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Black waters of capitalism drowning us all

October 15, 2009 Comments

Daniel Donan

Dear Madame President of Pepsico, How do you sleep with yourself at night? I am sure you do it on a very expensive, very comfortable bed, but all the same, how do you settle in knowing all the harm and evil the corporation you run creates? How do rest your head on a pillow when […]

University has opportunity to guide in choppy waters

October 8, 2009 Comments

Daniel Donan

Dear Mr. President, I have been very impressed with the work you have done to improve the university both in function and in form. I am particularly impressed with how many more international students have taken to calling Missouri Western State University their new home. This is something you stated as a goal and then […]

Cry to captain of ship: steer us to safe waters

September 2, 2009 Comments

Daniel Donan

Throughout the course of my last four semesters here at Western I have found that nearly every student cares deeply about the campus we share. Missouri Western is our home and we want to see it rise above the rest. As I came into the Student Government Association (SGA) office last April as your 2009-2010 […]