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Western has made great strides, but are we missing something?

April 17, 2007 No Comments

Daniel Donan

There have been some wonderful changes made at Missouri Western State University since I first began my articulations in the hallowed halls of Academia back in 1991. Missouri Western has made some real progress, and that should be applauded. We have had an enormous erection spring up in the center of campus with all these […]

Chiefs leave Western waiting for another year

April 17, 2007 No Comments

Gregor Avey

Many people move places to get closer to home. For the Kansas City Chiefs, it seems that is not the case. The Chiefs have been talking about having training camp at Missouri Western for the last five years. They are worried about the size of Missouri Western’s building. Athletic director Mark Linder believes that is […]

I see deaf people all over campus; and they wear iPods

April 17, 2007 No Comments

Sarah Taylor

I see them everywhere… People trekking across campus, oblivious to the world because they’ve got their headphones on and their iPod rocking. From the year 2005 to 2006, the number of people who own digital music players more than tripled, booming from eight percent to 27 percent. And why wouldn’t we love them? They allow […]

Sixth year MWSU senior goes for lucky number seven

April 3, 2007 No Comments

Jared Herrin

Ladies and gentlemen, fellow collegiates and collegettes, I would now like to take this opportunity to notify everyone of my upcoming sexennial celebration – and that has nothing to do with making the “beast with two backs.” Instead it is the sixth anniversary of me ending a year of school without a degree. Why, you […]

I’m just not ready

April 3, 2007 No Comments

Lauren Epps

It is definitely springtime. Finally, the flowers are in bloom, the bugs are out and crawling and many of my friends/acquaintances are either pregnant or getting married. Both of which worry me. First of all, I really don’t like bugs, and the thought of domestic life bugs me. A few months ago, one of my […]

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