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Governmental Relations Committee’s student fee hearing

March 27, 2012 Comments

Barry Hersh

A much larger crowd than usual attended the Governmental Relations Committee meeting Monday evening March 26 to hear information on the proposed student fee. The questions on most everyone’s mind was, “How would the revenue be used?” and “What services would be cut?” The student fee, with a working title of Save Our School, is […]

Students beware of SGA’s push for fee

March 19, 2012 Comments

Gary Weidemann

SGA may be suppressing student voices! The MWSU Administration recently told SGA that student-approved fees would be helpful in offsetting budget cuts to the university. Many senators support these fees, but are afraid the student body may vote against them. So, in order to assure student fees are passed, they would like to keep students […]

The challenges SGA Faces

March 5, 2012 Comments

Gary Weidemann

It is a good thing for the students of MWSU that this year, the first since 2008, we had competition for the Office of President in Student Government Association. Both campaigns highlighted issues that concern students, and both candidates made their case for student representation. At the debate, both were respectful toward moderator and opponent […]

Jacob Scott the best candidate for SGA

February 27, 2012 Comments

Matthew Hunt

What’s the purpose of running for SGA President and Vice President? Every year something seems to happen where we only have one ticket running and there is no real contest. I think last year was the first year in a while where we actually had a competition going, until one candidate had to step down […]

Diversity extremists tear American ideals apart

February 8, 2012 Comments

Gary Weidemann

Every generation of Americans must confront a critical question: what holds our nation together? The melting-pot concept is one of our defining features and an integral part of our history. It provides a common identity and a shared story that unites our diverse society. E pluribus unum: out of many, one. While our nation still […]

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