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Student appreciates sports complex

November 5, 2010 Comments

Nick McCutcheon

I have always been a sports junkie so maybe my opinion is biased, but I have grown tired of complaints and whining about the attention and money that athletics garner at this university. I lost count of how many instructors complained about budget cuts while we built the G.I.S.C. and a Spring Sports Complex. Western’s […]

Professor challenges Gingrich’s politics

September 30, 2010 Comments

Guest Columnist

Guest Columnist Jonathan Euchner Western’s Convocation on Critical Issues is one of the best programs our campus offers. This year’s speaker, former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich will likely continue the convocation’s tradition of presenting different opinions and ideas on the issues of the day, as he should. But, free speech functions best when engaged […]

Idol worship doesn’t help

September 24, 2010 Comments

Clint Willman

I think idolizing movie stars is ridiculous. I see teenagers running and screaming just to catch a peek of their favorite actors and it makes me sick to my stomach. These people are not heroes; they merely read lines from a script. Some of these actors do admirable things off the set, but if I […]

Preacher stirs mass American hatred

September 24, 2010 Comments

Jerrod Huber

Pastor Terry Jones, an uneducated religious leader with little common sense, started a huge mess by announcing to hold a Quran burning day. Jones called it off shortly after, but perhaps a little late. At least 16 people have been killed in Indian-controlled Kashmir and Afghanistan from riots because of this bible thumping bumbling idiot. […]

Large complex used by minority of students

September 24, 2010 Comments

Matt Gleaves

A multi-million dollar indoor sports complex is not the first place you would look for a high school football game. However, on Sept. 10, that is exactly where you would have seen two of the top 8-man football teams in the state. St. Joseph Christian and Stanberry started their game at St. Joseph Christian’s campus, […]

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